Why Your Logo is More than a Pretty Picture

Why Your Logo is More Than a Pretty Picture

If you tried to establish your company in the marketplace without a logo, what do you think would happen? Right. You probably wouldn’t get too far. Your logo is a reflection of your business. It’s the gateway to your brand. In a nutshell, your logo is but a mental shortcut to your products/services. It creates […]

How to Setup a Professional Email with GMAIL

xcld gmail - How to Setup a Professional Email with GMAIL

When starting a business, one of the very first things we do is get business cards with our contact information on it. But how unprofessional would it be if our business cards said JaneLovesCats24@gmail? So, we snag up our first professional email on our custom domain because it usually comes free with our webhost, and […]

How to Create a Brand That You Love

How to Create a Brand That You Love via @ExcelledDesigns

Your brand is the first thing that your ideal customer connects with, and it influences their decision to work with you or buy from you. Good branding communicates to your target audience before you even get a chance to whisper your elevator pitch in their ear. But like many other business owners, you’ve probably been focusing on […]

5 Ways to Grow Your Brand on Social Media


Starting a new business and trying to grow your brand can be scary. And adding social media to the list of things can be just as daunting. We all know social media is a great tool to get your brand out there to the masses outside of your local network – but we don’t always […]