Blinx and Beauty: Overview

Blinx and Beauty is the brainchild of Rosa Castaneda, a talented cosmetologist from Sacramento, CA who specializes in eyelash extensions. After working in the cosmetology industry for years, honing in on the specific skill you enjoy the most is like a breath of fresh air.  We’ve had so much fun working with Rosa on her new brand and learning all about lashes. Getting your eyelashes done is an intimate experience and we wanted her brand to represent that with soft colors and luxe branding. We also had the pleasure of designing her marketing collateral for print and online, as well as the new website!

ROSA biz card SIDE B - Eyelash Extensions Branding & Website

How We Helped Blinx + Beauty

Eyelash Extensions Branding & Website Design

Rosa contracted Excelled Designs to build her brand from the ground up – from idea to tangible business. We provided brand design, marketing collateral for online and print, and web design for her new eyelash extension business. We also provided digital marketing and optimized her Facebook, Instagram, Yelp, and Google My Business account. Since we’ve integrated her accounts, she has received an average of 10 leads per day from each platform and her business is growing at a healthy rate organically.
blinxandbeauty mood - Eyelash Extensions Branding & Website
Rosa Appointment Mock - Eyelash Extensions Branding & Website
Eyelash Extensions Flyer Design - Eyelash Extensions Branding & Website
Rosa Business card - Eyelash Extensions Branding & Website
blinxandbeautyIG - Eyelash Extensions Branding & Website
blinxandbeauty eyelash extensions website design min - Eyelash Extensions Branding & Website
blinxbeautylogo - Eyelash Extensions Branding & Website

Client Testimonial

I hired Excelled Designs to do my business website as well as my logos and she was MORE than I expected! Not only was she thorough with getting back to me in a timely manner and accommodating my needs but she was a sweetheart! This was by far some of the best customer service I’ve experienced and would never have to look elsewhere because if I need something done again I’m going to call her!!!

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