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The Elite Woman brand is an explorer program created by certified life coach Lizzy Morris for high profile, high level, professional women. It allows these women, who are ready to experience their evolutionary greatness, the opportunity to come away from their everyday life and incubate with Lizzy Morris in an elite atmosphere to birth the articulation of their evolutionary self. Lizzy contracted Excelled Designs to bring her ideas to life and create branding that will attract her ideal clients.

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How We Helped The Elite Woman Brand

Branding and Sales Page

The Problem

Lizzy Morris is an expert business management consultant and have trained thousands of professional people on Agile and Scrum frameworks. So, she has years of experience on the corporate level. But this new explorer program was built to attract individual clients, not the entire corporation. Clients who happened to be solely professional women who are unfulfilled and wanting more. She wanted the look to be for the elite woman, so she mentioned keywords like upscale, luxury, classy, yet fun. We knew just what to do.

The Solution

Our branding experts went to work on helping Lizzy identify her client avatar. Defining who IS the elite woman was key to creating a brand that will attract her. So, we developed her brand elements which included the brand’s logo design, color palette, style, and direction with the client avatar in mind. We also designed the sales page, print and digital training materials, promotional marketing materials for events and shows, as well as gifts for the selected women.

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Client Testimonial

Chantelle is a joy to work with and one of the most creative and innovative people that I’ve ever worked with. I have been impressed since the very first project. Her team can literally do anything to get a project completed. From website design and graphic design to social media and SEO, you can always rely on Excelled Designs to make sure every detail is accounted for.

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