Blueprint for Life Mastery: Overview

Dr. Georgette Prime-Godwin is a certified life coach based in beautiful Bermuda. Her signature coaching system, Blueprint for Life Mastery®, was designed to help her clients explore their beliefs, actions, and passions as they journey to their most authentic self.

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How We Helped

Branding and Course Design


Dr. G contracted Excelled Designs to design and install her new course. We developed the identity and brand elements for the Blueprint for Life Mastery Coaching System. That included the brand’s logo design, color palette, style, and direction with the client avatar in mind. We also designed the print and digital training materials to include the brochure, student workbook, the guide, and the PowerPoint slides to match. We used the Thinkific training platform to host her course and developed a private community on the platform as well.  Enrollees will be able to follow along with Dr. G online as well as in person with her new coaching system. 

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BPFLM Brochure Mock min - Life Coach Course Design
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