CheriPlum Candles + Decor is a handmade soy candle boutique that also sells home decor like mixed medium art, framed graphic art and more in their e-commerce store. The name CheriPlum came from two teen girls who wanted to honor their grandmother’s favorite scent (cherry blossom) and their favorite colors. Their target audience is young women who appreciate the calming effects and aroma of a lit candle, and women that love beautiful home decor.

candlemock - Soy Candle Boutique Branding

What We Provided

We designed the soy candle boutique’s brand identity and packaging for their candle product lines. CheriPlum Candles + Decor hired us at the beginning stage of their business to help bring their small business idea to life. The brand will be opening an e-commerce store soon and want to have all of their products designed and ready for sales.

Natural Candle Logo Design - Soy Candle Boutique Branding
CheriPlumBB - Soy Candle Boutique Branding

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