If you tried to establish your company in the marketplace without a logo, what do you think would happen?

Right. You probably wouldn’t get too far.

Your logo is a reflection of your business. It’s the gateway to your brand.

In a nutshell, your logo is but a mental shortcut to your products/services. It creates your “image.” And as we’ve all heard time and time again, image is everything.

Not so sure? OK. Here’s a quick experiment. Close your eyes and inhale then exhale a deep breath. Picture the Apple logo. What comes to mind? Do you see cheap consumer products? Entry level gadgets?


Instead, you see elegance in computing. You see quality mobile devices. You see ingenuity.

Plain and simple, your logo matters.

Now, let’s take a look at the reasons why, shall we?

First Impression

Simply put, a logo is oftentimes your introduction to potential customers. Therefore, it has the potential to either pique a potential customer’s interest…or repel him/her.

Truth be told, most of us are drawn to intriguing design and color. Thus, a logo expertly weaving shapes, colors, and fonts can act as a powerful magnet, pulling potential customers toward your company.

If done correctly, a logo establishes ownership of a product line, and/or if you’re dominating a niche, it can help to establish authority in that niche.

Do you produce the world’s most eco-friendly yoga mats? Are you the gaming app king of the Western Hemisphere? Did you devise a therapy technique that can heal any childhood trauma in no time flat?

Well, say so with your logo!

Your logo can adeptly capture this essence and make it easier for your potential customer to identify with your products or services.

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Aids Your Brand Identity

If you want to effectively brand, it’s paramount you tell a story. That story must resonate with potential customers, stirring their emotions and inspiring them to take action.

A logo plays a part in this scenario.

True, a logo in and of itself isn’t going to solve all your branding needs. However, a well-done logo does lay a nice foundation upon which your branding narrative can be carried out; through the use of shapes, colors, fonts, and overall design, a logo can help tell your unique story.

And, this tool can be used on virtually all your branding materials, including websites, landing pages, letterheads, business cards, and so forth, consistently reinforcing your brand identity.

Inspires Brand Loyalty

Here’s a tidbit you may have never fully realized: consumers crave reliability and routine. Fact.

This means, by and large, consumers love to pledge loyalty to a brand.

Your logo can help to ensure they pledge loyalty to your brand.


Simple, really. As your brand grows, your logo will reach more and more consumers. In doing so, that logo will become more recognizable and familiar.

And familiarity creates trust.

And trust breeds loyalty. Brand loyalty.

Let’s look at an example. When you’re out shopping for a luxury vehicle and you run across the Mercedes three-pronged emblem, you’re inspired to buy. Why? Because that three-prong logo is known, trusted, and respected the world over; people associate the Mercedes logo with luxury, craftsmanship, and durability.

Once consumers like your logo, and subsequently learn to trust you, they’ll look for that logo again and again, in hopes of buying what you’re selling.

In Conclusion

Bottom line? Your logo is much more than a pretty picture. Your potential customer’s first impression of you is your logo. It’s a reflection of your company – the gateway to your brand. It’s a symbol of consumer loyalty.

Make sure you get your logo right. Your business’s future may well depend on it.

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